About E-visa

Starting from March 15, 2013 new procedure of tourist e-visa system has been implementing in Azerbaijan to provide the execution of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 20, 2012 ”On the facilitation of visa procedures for foreigners and stateless persons, travelling to the Republic of Azerbaijan”. Currently, 65 travel agencies are able to provide E-visa to visitors to Azerbaijan.

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Do I need a Visa to Azerbaijan?

Visitors from the following countries with ordinary passport does not need a visa to Azerbaijan:
-CIS Countries (Except Turkmenistan)
-Israel pasport holders can obtain visa at the entrance to Azeraijan.
-Japanese pasport holders recieve 30 days free visa
-Holders of ordinary pasport of Islamic Republic of Pakistan recieve 15 days free visa. Any other countries should apply for the visa before visiting Azerbaijan.
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Which documents are required for e-visa?

-Application form- click here for the online application form or click here for the for the word format of application form
-Photo (3x4, jpeg format)
-Scan version of passport (jpeg format) (Should be valid minimum six month from the date of entry to Azerbaijan)
-Confirmation letter from hotel with sign and stamp (not required if you book hotel through our company)
-Air ticket If you fill in the application form, you will also be able to add the necessary documentation. We will later provide you a link for the online payment.

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Advantages of E-Visa
E-Visa can be obtained easily online without waiting in long ques at the Azerbaijani embassies or consulates. It is not necessary to submit the original passport for processing. E-visa means easy procedure and fast processing.
How it Works?
How it Works? e-Visa is issued electronically by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via special electronic system. A valid document with your photo, passport details, validity information and bar code. Below is the list of the required documents that have to be submitted: 1. Filled in application form, 2. Scanned passport copy (colored, good quality) in JPEG format 3. Scanned photo (3 x 4 sm, colored, on white background, good quality) in JPEG format 4. Air/train ticket (or it`s booking confirmation) in JPEG format 5. Hotel booking reservation voucher
Processing time
Processing time in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes 3 to 15 working days. After the visa will be issued & it will be immediately sent to you via registered e-mail. In case of having limited time before your trip, please, contact us for not having any problems.
Pasport conditions
Eligible citizens can apply for the e-Visa as long as they hold a passport valid for a minimum of 6-months beyond the duration of stay in Azerbaijan.
Do I need tickets and hotel booking before applying for the e-visa?
Yes. You must have an air or train ticket booking confirmation. Hotel booking is also required to get the e-Visa.
How long is e-Visa valid for travel to Azerbaijan?
E-visa is valid for 30 days, single entry, with allowed duration of stay covering your hotel booking period.
How long can I stay in Azerbaijan with e-Visa?
The number of days is shown in the e-Visa and equals the period covering your hotel booking.
Is e-Visa refundable?
Both the government fee (20 USD) and service fee is non-refundable. However, please, note that we have not get a refusal yet.
Is my personal information secure?
Yes, once submitted, your information is secured and is submitted only to MFA.

Multiple Entry Visas

If you are planning to stay in Azebaijan for longer time and you need a multiple entry visa, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We can also arrange Letter of Invitation for you and you can get visas from 3 months to one year. We would highly recommend you to contact to us for the long term and multiple entry visas. The visa prices differ from country to country. However, the list below shows the average prices for multiple entry and long term visas.

For the European Countries
3 months–
90 days (for one year)–
180 days (for one year)–

For the American countries
3 months–
90 days (for one year)–
180 days (for one year)–

For Asian countries
3 months–
90 days (for one year)–
180 days (for one year)–